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Plumper, reshaped lips: lip volumizer cream for 40% plumper lips in just 4 weeks. Paraben-free, with Maxi Lip, volulip and vitamins, for a massive-dose therapy for your lips to make them plumper and smoother. + 40% plumper lips in just 4 weeks With maxi lip, volulip and vitamins   69% reshaped, plumper, re-toned lips! MAXI LIP is a peptide that stimulates collagen, thus plumping up, toning, smoothing out and defining lips VOLULIP is a peptide that improves the texture of the inner and outer parts of your lips, it redefines lip contours, volumizes and acts as an anti-sagging agent Apply two / three times a day and massage until completely absorbed Dermatologist tested Paraben-free