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TARIES Hair Builder

1)Are you in Nigeria and interested in RETAILING TARIES Hair Builder and Mist? RETAILERS info below: **Option 1) a minimum purchase of one cartoon is required that's 30 sets Wholesaler Price: •One each of Small hair builder and Hold Mist at 6000 per set and , •One each of Big hair builder and hold mist at 7000 per set. Which means for small 6000X30= 180,000 or For big 7000X30= 210,000 ***Option 2) minimum purchase of 5 sets at -Small Hair Builder and spray for 6300 -Big hair builder and spray for 7650 Doorstep Delivery available on request. (2) Are you outside Nigeria and interested in RETAILING TARIES Hair Builder and Mist? RETAILERS info below: About the products Taries Hair builder contain fibers, that are made of keratin protein, the fibers undetectably attach to your own thin, tiny hair and they instantly look longer, thicker and fuller. Finish up with its Style & Hold Mist spray to make it last on area for 3 days and or more, add shine, non-transferable and the mist also promotes hair growth. Add more as often as you desire daily or occasionionally. For use: If you want only one set its $40 and shipping is $35 Our Resellers Packages Below: Or To be a Sales Representative: You must purchase a minimum of One carton which cost $600 and that contains 30 sets of product. Shipping and clearing is $130 OR To be a sole distributor: You must purchase a minumum of 4 cartons, that is 120 sets at $20 each, making $2400 for 120 sets. Shipping cost $300 NOTE: The advantage a sole distributor (when we have one in your location) has over a sales representative is that all clients from that location will be referred from us to buy from her. Let's know which of the above packages you will be interested in so we can forward your invoice with payment details to you by email. Thanks for showing interest. _________________________________________ To Sign Up please contact us on Whatsapp preferably or call +2348024691790