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ONE YEAR (12 MONTHS) APPRENTICESHIP PROGRAMME This course has been designed for those individuals who can not afford much financially but have passion for what we do. Those that want to be groomed professionally from start to finish in Makeup Artistry & Spa . This individuals are also staffs of the organization. QUALIFIED CANDIDATES AFTER A SUCCESSFUL INTERVIEW WILL BE EXPOSED TO: *Learn Makeup Artistry & Spa treatments. *Work in our Beauty Studio. *Learn all new techniques from the principal director of the school. *Learn all the tricks of the trade. *Work on real clients, models, and gain more advanced knowledge. *Learn to be an instructor. *Become more exposed and know more about the industry. *Will work as a member of staff in the company and assigned a office. *Travel for jobs with Taries or assigned to work on clients as a Taries World Representative. *If approved will be made a make-up artist in our organization after one year of learning and service. Days: Monday-Saturday (8.30am – 6:00pm daily) FEE: ₦100,000.00 (Can be paid in two installments) Requirement Interested candidate should submit his or her application letter to our office. Individual must be able to read and write.