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1.Begin with clean hands and a clean face. Wash, Cleanse and Tone Face. 2.Apply a moisturizing sunscreen, primer, oil matifier (optional) that's perfect for your skin type. All foundations will go on more smoothly if the skin is well-hydrated. All is my pick, because it creates a smooth surface for foundation. . 3.Let the moisturizing sunscreen, primer, oil matifier (optional) set for a few minutes. 4.Wipe off any excess moisturizer with a tissue. Greasy skin will make the foundation slip and slide. 5.Using a makeup sponge or a foundation brush apply dots of foundation on your cheeks, chin, forehead and tip of the nose. Makeup artists swear by foundation brushes to apply product. They soak up less foundation and blend flawlessly. 6.Using the sponge, or the foundation brush, blend the dots together in an outward stroke to the hair-line. Pay special attention to your hairline and jawline to ensure there's no obvious line. 7.Camouflouge your dark, under-eye circles, spots, blemishes with a concealer or kamaflag cover cream or foundation. Pat, never rub, the concealer into skin. 8.Set the foundation with face powder immediately after application.     We sell all u need to have a flawless make-up, buy online at